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GP? Optician? A&E? Visit the Eye Care Wales website for advice on where to seek help with eye problems.

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Live Fear Free: domestic abuse helpline.

The Live Fear Free Helpline offers support to victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence. Welsh Women's Aid offers a National Helpline for Wales and supports women, men and children. They are acutely aware that the period of social isolation when victim and perpetrator are possibly in the same property 24/7 is exacerbating what may already be a volatile situation. The service is bilingual and they can also offer the services of Language Line if required:

Llinell Gymorth Byw Heb Ofn / Live Fear Free Helpline 0808 80 10 800

Di-dâl. Ar agor 24 awr / Freephone. Open 24 hours.

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