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How to get your prescriptions if you're unable to leave the house.

While there are some community-based services offering help with getting prescriptions if you are unable to leave the house, here is some advice from Community Pharmacy Wales on getting prescriptions delivered or redirected using the existing system.


A prescription can be sent to a different pharmacy at the patient’s request. They are free to choose where it goes. Very often a GP practice will write a designated pharmacy on the left hand corner of the script depending on where it should be directed, but this isn’t binding. It can be crossed out and sent to another pharmacy of the patient’s choosing. If the patients wants the prescription moving for more than just a once off, it is much better to inform the GP so that the destination in the corner of the prescription can be changed (or it will happen again). This is the best way to do it.

Even if a prescription has been dispensed, medicines can be returned to stock and the script forwarded. There is no simple way to transfer a prescription from one pharmacy to another (unless they are local to each other and the new pharmacy can pick it up). What usually happens in practice is that the prescription is returned to the GP for the other pharmacy to get it from there.


The best way to work out which pharmacies offer deliveries is to go on NHS Direct Wales and check the details. (Go to “Local services search” put in pharmacy and then the area – postcode or county or town and it brings up a list of pharmacies – on each one you can click on “Services available” and “Home delivery service” will be on the list if they offer it.)

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