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Welsh national disability organisations raise concerns about the impact of the corona virus epidemic on disabled people living with pre-existing medical conditions

Wales Council of the Blind has joined other national disability organisations to raise concerns about the impact of the corona virus pandemic on disabled people living with pre-existing medical conditions.

They have released the following statement: Disability Wales, All Wales People First, Wales Council of the Blind, All Wales Parents and Carers Forum, Learning Disability Wales and Mencap Cymru call on the UK and Welsh Governments to act decisively to safeguard the well-being and survival of disabled people and others categorised as being at high risk of contracting the virus in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely concerned that necessary measures to minimise fatalities in these groups are not being taken.

In particular we are concerned that:

Taken together these factors lead us to believe that disabled people are likely to face harm not just through the Coronavirus itself but through the general strain on the health and social care system as well as wider societal barriers. The UK Government has announced £5 billion in emergency funding for public services to alleviate the pressures resulting from the Coronavirus.

As organisations representing the interests of disabled people, we call for urgent support from this fund to ensure social care delivery and provision or accessible information and support is adequately resourced in Wales. We urge both the UK and Welsh Governments to intervene urgently to ensure disabled people are not treated as unavoidable casualties in this pandemic.

For more information and media enquiries please contact Grace Krause at Learning Disability Wales, email or phone 029 20 681160.

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