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RNIB Family Event in North Wales

RNIB Cymru is running a family event in Ruthin, North Wales on Saturday 15th February 2020.

The event is being held at Ruthin Craft centre on Saturday 15 February 2020, 11am – 3.30pm and is for families of children aged 0-25 with a vision impairment. There will be an activity programme, an opportunity to meet other families, potentially learn some new skills, and find out more about some of the services available for help and support. The event will also be used to identify what families want and need from RNIB in terms of future events.

The event details are on RNIB's website.

Families will need to book places, and they can do so via the website, or by contacting Claire Milton on 07870 643 461 or email

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