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Research project seeks an alternative to eye injections

A research project is considering a way to deliver drugs to the back of the eye through eye drops.

Injections into the eye are an effective way to deliver drugs for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). However, they can be unpleasant, and require frequent appointments. An ideal solution would be the development of eye drops that allow patients to administer their drugs themselves, without having to undergo a procedure that some people don’t like. However, this is a difficult task because we need to ensure that the drugs delivered with the drops can make it all the way to the back of the eye where they are needed.

This research project will use the latest in ‘nanotechnologies’ to create specialised microscopic carriers to help to deliver drugs to the back of the eye. The project will investigate different types of carrier to understand which ones will work the best, and will then test these in laboratory models, ready to be taken into clinical trials in humans.

If this approach is successful, it could replace injections to deliver drug treatments for wet AMD – saving eye clinic appointments, patient time, and money. This process could also be used to deliver new drugs for macular disease as they are developed.

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