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WARNING - Scam targeting vision impaired people

A colleague at Deafblind Cymru has warned us about a scam targeting people who receive bank statements by audio CD.

'A member of Deafblind Cymru has no vision and as a result receives his bank statements via Audio CD. Recently an Audio CD arrived at his home which he played and it stated that there was an issue with his account and that he was to contact the bank on a number given on the CD. Luckily the member had the bank’s number pre-saved on his phone meaning he used this number to contact his bank who confirmed there was no issue and that this was a scam. Somehow these scammers have found out the member receives information via CD and has used his vulnerability to specifically target him. Luckily the member was wise to it on this occasion. There’s no doubt therefore that other blind members may be receiving such ‘dodgy’ CD’s so we wanted to raise awareness of this latest scam with you all to pass onto our members.'

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