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'Skills for Seeing' training from the Macular Society

Macular conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration or juvenile macular dystrophies, cause a loss of central vision. Skills for Seeing training can help you to use your vision more effectively, and can help with reading, taking care of yourself, getting about and watching TV. The Macular Society trains volunteers to teach two techniques that can help you use your vision more effectively.

This first technique, eccentric viewing, involves identifying and using the healthiest parts of your vision. Many people often adopt this technique as they adjust to their sight loss. The second technique is steady eye strategy, which involves learning a new way to read text. These techniques do not work for everyone. However, learning them will not damage your vision and when they do work, many people say they feel more confident and have more control over their lives.

For more information about Skills for Seeing and for free one-to-one coaching in these techniques, call the Macular Society helpline on 0300 30 30 111 or email

If you would like to learn to become a volunteer Skills for Seeing Trainer, then please email or call 07494 468 007. The free training lasts three days, and includes expenses (including overnight accommodation if required). A training session is provisionally scheduled for 2nd & 3rd May in Swansea, so please contact Adele if you are interested.

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