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UCAN performance - (UCAN Productions)Service

UCAN gives visually impaired children and young people and their friends the opportunity to develop physical and vocal confidence, raise aspirations and promote individual abilities through performance. The organisation is based in Cardiff but works across the UK.
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UHW Cardiff Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) - (Sight Life)Service

Full time ECLO based at University Hospital Wales, Cardiff. Provides emotional support, often at a time of great need. They also signpost patients on to the many different services to help maintain their independence. The role of ECLO helps to bridge the gap between health and social care services for blind and partially sighted people.
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UK Care Pathway for RP - (Retina UK)Service

An on-line resource giving information about the care of retinitis pigmentosa. There are sections for patients, parents, family & friends, teachers, employers and health professionals.
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UK Keratoconus Self Help and Support - (UK Keratoconus Self Help & Support Association)Service

A membership organisation for people with keratoconus. The website has information about the condition, and an on-line discussion forum.
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UK Wolfram Syndrome support group - (UK Wolfram Syndrome Society)Service

An on-line forum providing information and support to families affected by the condition. Some information is also available to download.
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