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Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedel (LMBB) Glossary Term

An inherited genetic condition. Effects can include viual impairment caised by rod-cone dystrophy, often diagnosed as retinitis pigmentosa.
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Light sensitivity (photophobia) Glossary Term

An inability to cope with glare which can be associated with another eye condition, or a side-effect of certain drugs.
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Local Education Authority Glossary Term

A local education authority (LEA) is a local authority in England and Wales that has responsibility for education within its jurisdiction. Since the Children Act 2004 each local education authority is also a children's services authority and responsibility for both functions is held by the director of children's services.
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Local Health Board Glossary Term

The overall function of a Welsh Local Health Board is to improve the health of the responsible population, develop primary health services, and commission community and secondary care services. A Welsh Local Health Board will, if it so wishes and is capable of doing so, be able to provide directly a range of community health services, creating new opportunities to integrate primary and community health services as well as health and social care provision.
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