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Independent Sector Glossary Term

Includes both private and voluntary social care providers, who may be contracted to provide services on behalf of statutory agencies.
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Indirect Payments Glossary Term

Indirect Payments are similar to Direct Payments, but instead of being paid to the individual who needs the service, payments are made to a nominated individual or into a trust. The trustees or nominated people then pay for services on the individual's behalf.
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Individual Service Fund Glossary Term

An Individual Service Fund is an individual budget that a service provider manages on behalf of a service user. Payments are made with the understanding that the service provider can deliver what is needed and it meets the criteria set out in the service user's support plan.
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Informed consent Glossary Term

This is consent to treatment or care where a person has been given enough objective, evidence-based information to be able to make their own decision, and the person has the mental capacity to make that decision.
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