Retinitis pigmentosa

Definition: Changes to vision which may include difficulties in dim vision/dark, and loss of peripheral vision.

Category: Eye Condition

Credit: RNIB


Services specifically catering for people with Retinitis pigmentosa

UK Care Pathway for RP - (Retina UK)Service

An on-line resource giving information about the care of retinitis pigmentosa. There are sections for patients, parents, family & friends, teachers, employers and health professionals.
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RP Helpline - (Retina UK)Service

This telephone Helpline is for people with Retinitis Pigmentosa, their relatives and anyone who needs to know more about RP and how to cope with the difficulties it presents. Questions can also be sent via email to the address given below. Please remember that this service cannot provide diagnoses or counselling, and any information given is intended only as a guide.
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RP Telephone befriending service - (Retina UK)Service

The Retina UK Telephone Befriending Service (TBS) links people who would welcome a friendly phone call from a trained person with knowledge of dealing with RP, with a team of volunteers willing to share their experiences. The TBS offers a social link on a more personal and longer term basis than the Helpline, with regular calls being made by the volunteers for as long as they are welcomed.
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South Wales Retina UK Group - (Retina UK)Service

Retina UK volunteers run a number of Local Groups in towns across the UK. These enable people with RP to socialise and support each other as well as raise funds and run events on our behalf.
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Service descriptions mentioning the term Retinitis pigmentosa

Eye Health Examination Wales - (NHS Wales)Service

If you reside in Wales, most optometrists can also offer a free eye test if: you have an eye problem that needs urgent attention; you have sight in one eye only; you’re registered as sight impaired; you have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf; you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa; you are of Black or Asian ethnicity; your GP has referred you because they think you may have an eye problem.
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