Resource centre

Definition: A static or mobile place where technological aids and equipment are available variously to view, try out and purchase.

Category: Aids And Equipment

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Service descriptions mentioning the term Resource centre

Halton Sensory Service Resource Centre - (Vision Support)Service

The fully trained staff and volunteers at Vision Support's Halton Sensory Service Resource Centre alongside Deafness Resource Centre, supported by Halton Borough Council, are a fully integrated sensory service geared to meeting the diverse needs of people with sensory loss. They demonstrate and sell specialist equipment to help with daily living. The Resource Centre has a range of information on Vision Support's services and other relevant services available locally and nationally.
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Vision Support Community Information Service - (Vision Support)Service

Vision Support have two Community Information Service vehicles that visit local communities making it easier for those unable to get to a resource centre to access information, services and equipment. Monthly schedules for the two vehicles are published on the website.
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Sight Life Resource Centre - (Sight Life)Service

Resource centre run by Sight Life. It contains the latest aids, gadgets and information for vi people, and all the equipment is sold at concessionary prices. Staff and volunteers are always on hand to advise and assist, but you are also welcome just to browse around. Transport can be arranged if required.
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NWSB Resource Centre - (North Wales Society for the Blind)Service

Located at 325 High Street in Bangor, the resource centre is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. The centre is an invaluable source of advice, information and practical demonstrations. They have a wide range of equipment on display ranging from magnifiers to mobile phones. Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are on hand to demonstrate and advise on their use.
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Sight Cymru Resource Centre - (Sight Cymru)Service

A comprehensive resource centre with aids for everyday living. Includes mobile phones, talking clocks and watches, large print diaries, calendars etc. Also lots of aids and adaptations that you can use for your own home without spending money. Dual sensory loss aids also available.
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Swansea Vale Resource Centre - (Swansea Social Services)Service

Swansea Social Services have a Resource Centre of equipment for people with sensory loss, offering an opportunity to trial equipment for suitability before purchasing from providers.
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