Rehabilitation Work

Definition: Done to assist someone regain skills they may have lost through illness or disability. It helps them re-learn to do things they could previously do for themselves.

Category: Adult Social Care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

Service descriptions mentioning the term Rehabilitation Work

Rehabilitation workers - (Sight Cymru)Service

Rehabilitation officers can give people with sight problems the skills and confidence that they need to stay independent, including help getting about, communication, lighting, using magnifiers and special equipment in the home.
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Independent living advice - (Vision Support)Service

Vision Support's qualified rehabilitation officers focus on maintaining independence and promoting equality for anyone living with sight loss. They also have a team of Rehabilitation Assistants who demonstrate specialist equipment and support service users in their own homes.
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Caerphilly Rehabilitation Officer Visual Impairment (ROVI) - (Caerphilly Social Services)Service

Rehabilitation Officers are trained to support individuals with sight problems to rebuild skills and confidence as their sight changes. Support aims to encourage independence around mobility, communications, household skills, lighting, using magnifiers and specialist equipment. The local authority also maintains the Sight Impairment Register, and signposts to many other agencies.
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Mobility specialist - (SenCom Vision Impairment Service)Service

SenCom VIS provides five local authorities with staff qualified to provide habilitation to vi children in a school and home environments. The contact is Sarah Hughes.
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Carmarthenshire Qualified Habilitation Specialist - (Carmarthenshire Education Department)Service

Carmarthenshire Council can provide habilitation services to vi children in a school environment.
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Grants from Ceredigion Association - (Ceredigion Association for the Blind)Service

Ceredigion Association provide some grants to visually impaired people. To be eligible you must have serious and uncorrectable visual impairments, and have been referred to the Association by the Rehabilitation Officer in Ceredigion Social Services.
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Men's Group - (Bridgend County Borough Council)Service

VI/Deaf-blind men of all ages meet every 6 weeks in Wetherspoons Maesteg 2-4pm. Contact Sandy Davies, Rehabilitation Officer, for forthcoming dates.
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Specialist Worker Training - (Sight Cymru)Service

Professional training aimed at Rehabilitation officers, Social workers, nursing staff, Optometrists etc. Includes talks from specialist consultants on a variety of eye related topics and networking opportunities.
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