Activities of daily living

Definition: Tasks that people carry out to look after their home, themselves, and their participation in work, social and leisure activities.

Category: Adult Social Care

Credit: Department of Health

Source: Glossary of Adult Social Care Terms

Service descriptions mentioning the term Activities of daily living

Halton Resource Centre - (Vision Support)Service

The fully trained staff and volunteers at Vision Support's Halton Resource Centre demonstrate and sell specialist equipment to help with daily living. The Resource Centre has a range of information on Vision Support's services and other relevant services available locally and nationally.
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Grants from RBS - (Royal Blind Society)Service

Grants can be made to blind & vi people on low incomes. Examples of how they can be used are: IT equipment; reading and literacy aids ; to help pay household bills; to fund work-related training; to buy specialist medical equipment such as thick-lens spectacles; to provide daily living aids such as a washing machine with Braille controls; to meet emergencies and unforeseen needs.
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Degenerative Vitreous Community - (One Clear Vision)Service

An on-line forum for people with DVS, the term used to describe substantial cloudiness in the ageing vitreous humourwhich interferes with the activities of daily living.
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Living made easy (website) - (Disabled Living Foundation (DLF))Service

'Living made easy' is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living for disabled people. The site includes an 'Ask Sara' section which takes you through a series of questions to identify the type of help that you need.
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