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Benchmarking Conference 2008.

Visual Impairment Benchmarking: so, what's next?

Presented by Phil Stevens, Director of Wales Council for the Blind.

Where are we now?

Challenges to Benchmarking.

So where do we go?

So lets make some basic assumptions about the next phase....

The whole point of this is to improve lives through better services.

Local Authorities have little money to develop services.

Joint Reviews drive performance change.

Golden fact: If a Joint Review identifies the need for improvement, it improves.

Enter solutions...

1. Carry on using Benchmarking Tool ‘as is’.

Response – evolution will overtake it

2. Use WAG or an agent to force LA’s to spend more on V.I. Services.

Response – Let’s be honest. They’re broke.

3. Embed the Benchmarking Tools in to the Joint Review.

Response: Great... another big stick to use.

4. Produce an extensive resources on V.I. Commissioning for Sector

Response: Guides like this are published every week by someone or other.

....they rarely get used.

So here’s an idea....

1. WCB becomes stakeholder in the Joint Review.

But we don’t just use Review as a stick....

2. Consensually produces Action Plan as outcome.

3. Service Implementation Plan produced.

Why this approach?

Remember the slide about the challenges of benchmarking?

Sector has many demands on time
WCB helps
Not compulsory
This would be
Confusion over Commissioning or Operational
Both, neutrally facilitated by outsider Agency
Just ‘benchmarking’ doesn’t improve services on it’s own
This is more than benchmarking – it’s practical